“In a world of noise, confusion, and conflict, it is necessary for there to be places of silence, inner discipline and peace: not the peace of mere relaxation but the peace of inner clarity and love.” —Thomas Merton

Spiritual Direction

Guidance for the
spiritual path.

The roots of spiritual direction can be traced back to the very beginnings of religion. In essence, it is companionship along the spiritual journey for the purpose of realizing our fundamental nature. Spiritual direction is not counseling or therapy, but a mutual exploration of the basic questions of the human journey. In Buddhism, this exploration is based on the Buddha’s own path: the recognition and alleviation of suffering through the realization of our original perfection.

Zuisei Sensei offers spiritual direction to established Buddhist practitioners, those new to the path, as well as to those who are still exploring. Please contact her for details or to schedule an online session.

Meditation Instruction

For those wishing to begin or deepen their meditation practice.

The Buddha said there is nothing more unwieldy than an untrained mind. Conversely, there are few things more powerful than a clear, focused, and stable mind. In Buddhism, the heart of the spiritual journey is meditation.

Zazen, Zen’s form of seated meditation, is a simple but transformative practice that puts us in touch with body, mind, thoughts, and feelings. If Pascal was right to say that all of problems stem from our inability to sit quietly and alone, then zazen is an excellent antidote.

Zuisei Sensei offers zazen instruction to individuals and groups of all sizes. Please contact her for more information.

Consulting Work

Bring the benefits
of concentration and mindfulness meditation
into your work space.

With over twenty years of management, operation, and creative direction experience, Zuisei Sensei is able to present the Buddhist teachings on concentration, mindfulness, and balance in language that is accessible and relevant to various kinds of work spaces.

Contact Sensei if you’d like her to consult for your organization or lead a workshop on
meditation, creativity, dealing with distraction, or work-life balance, among other subjects.

Meditation for Kids and Parents

Concentration and mindfulness instruction for youth and parents.

Since 1996, Zuisei Sensei has been helping children and teenagers develop self-awareness, kindness, and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings and the natural world through the practice of meditation, the study of age-appropriate Buddhist teachings and liturgy, as well as art, games, and outdoor activities. More recently, Sensei has led sessions on the practice of mindful parenting, looking at parenting as a rich—and challenging—form of spiritual practice.

Looking for something more communal?
Join Zuisei Sensei at an upcoming retreat.