Not Leaving the Monastery


“What I saw or heard or felt came not but from myself—and there I found myself more truly and more strange.” —Wallace Stevens

Zuisei Sensei speaks from the heart about her own spiritual journey and her ongoing commitment to practice as she steps further into lay life.

Recorded at Zen Mountain Monastery, 12/30/2018

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Daring to Ask


We have to be willing to take a risk in order to see clearly.

In this talk on case 31 of the Gateless Gate: Zhaozhou Saw Through the Old Woman, Zuisei Sensei speaks of the spiritual life as a perilous journey. “Every time we ask,” she says, “we expose ourselves. But when we don’t ask, we also expose ourselves. So we might as well take a risk—be wild and daring — and see what comes of it.”

Recorded at Zen Mountain Monastery, 10/14/2018

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The Mother of All Buddhas


“Prajna Paramita is unguarded, but she is not naïve. She is ferocious and kind, both strong and soft. And when she becomes embodied in one of us, she is none other than who we are. She knows the ground upon which she stands, and she does not fail to cover it.”

How do we reconcile the systemic harm perpetuated through the construction of gender with the ultimate truth of selflessness? In this talk, Zuisei Sensei speaks about reclamation of identity as a form of embodiment of Prajna Paramita, wisdom beyond wisdom.

Recorded at Zen Mountain Monastery, 09/14/2018

Human Action


This talk, given the day after the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, speaks of the importance of transcending the labels of political, social, or environmental action to take care, through simple, compassionate human action, of the most pressing issues facing us today.

Recorded at Zen Mountain Monastery, 01/22/2017

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